Carmelo commonly known as Charlie, migrated from Sicily with his parents in the mid 1950’s and grew up in New Farm, Brisbane, Queensland.

Towards the end of his 40 year career in the finance and estate planning industries Charlie decided to pursue his passion for writing as a side interest.

His first short story, ‘Love finds Sicilian Joe’ about a city boy with an Elvis hairdo who meets a dairy farmer’s daughter outside a country barber shop, was aired in a ‘talent search’ promotion on the Ian Maurice 4BC evening radio show in 2005.

Charlie then co-authored the acclaimed true crime story, The Second Father which was published by Queensland University Press in 2009. More recently he has released the first of his children’s adventure stories for 4 – 9 year olds.

Zachery and Nonno Go to the Races

James, Emily and the Stormbird

In 2009 Charlie met an extraordinarily talented country music singer songwriter, Jim Harding. They became good mates and began to pen some great songs together about their yesteryears.

Public Speaking

Charlie had a successful corporate career and is a life member and fellow of Financial Services Institute of Australia. He has an extensive understanding of business, non-for profit sector, the Australian Political system, Multiculturalism and Public Administration.

He is passionate about and devoted much of his life towards social justice, the need for good role models and participated in the Australian Government 2001 Education of Boys inquiry.

Charlie has always been an active member of the community including running mentoring and goal setting presentations at schools. More recently he was given the opportunity to read his children’s adventure books in ‘Story time with Charlie’ at Brisbane City Council, Moreton Bay and Gold Coast libraries.

Apart from business presentations, Charlie has been a guest Speaker on social issues for Blue Care, View Clubs, Salvation Army and many other community groups. Currently he is a regular guest speaker for various seniors’ groups around South East Queensland.

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Children's Books

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Zachery and Nonno go to the Races is an adventure story about an Italian grandfather who takes his grandson to the races for an exciting day out. They happen to meet Giddyup an extremely inspirational and friendly horse who breaks out in spots and is whisked away to the vet. Giddyup makes it back to the race but will it be enough to win the cup?

Written by Carmelo it is a beautiful 32 page full-colour book illustrated by a friend and fellow Queenslander Mark Buchanan. (RRP $13.50 AUD)


James, Emily and the Stormbird is another Nonno adventure story about an Italian grandfather who takes his grandchildren on a fishing trip. They encounter a fierce storm and are rescued by two stormbirds. The grandchildren are taken to a magic land by a stormbird and Nonno is flown to shore by another. But will they reunite in time to make it back home to Grandma before nightfall? And more importantly did they catch any fish?

Written by Carmelo it is a beautiful 24 page full-colour book illustrated by another friend and fellow Queenslander Mark Wharton. (RRP $13.50 AUD)


Country Music

Charlie and Jim penned some great songs about the good old days. Just before Jim passed away in 2014 he released 2 albums ‘Dance with me Molly’ and ‘ With Love’ featuring songs by the likes of Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Jnr as well as many originals written by Jim and Charlie - including City Boys and Cowgirls - a finalist in the 2014 Australian Songwriters Association Country Music Awards.

Charlie, a city boy, married into country music when he met a farmer’s daughter, Lynda, in the small town of Mundubbera in the North Burnett when he was just passing through which is the theme of their song Wonderful You.

Country life was all new to Charlie. Lynda would play the piano while her dad played the spoons and harmonica at their regular singalongs on the family farm. The song Jacaranda Lane is the story of their life and her parents’ dairy farm.

Charlie has written songs for other country music performers which feature in albums, Two Little Cowboys and Another Sunset.

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